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First Post!


So, I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking. And I have a lot on my crafty mind, and I love to share it, but wanted an outlet where it would be easier to share my creation, general thoughts, stories, or journeys I’m currently on. Answer: this blog.

A little bit about me: My name is Jillian Lee (soon to be Jillian Layton). I live in Southeast Texas with my fiance, Josh, and fur-baby, Kingston (long-haired English cream dachshund). I’m an introvert, but internally I have TONS to say, but have always been too shy and timid. I’ve grown so much as a person in the past 10 years (woah, 10 years ago seemed like yesterday, it flew by!). I LOVE doing crafts. Like LOVE. I have a Silhouette Cameo and it’s for real my best friend (don’t know how I lived without it before). I like doing little projects around the house… which goes back to crafting. I have a Pinterest addiction. I am a “planner girl” and love decking out my planner (I have an Inkwell Press). I love snuggling with the boy and the pup (you’ll hear a lot about these two). I’ve been doing WeightWatchers for a little over a year now and have lost over 30 pounds (still going!). I go to the gym 4-5 times per week in the mornings (5:30am… ugh). I’m pretty much a loner when it comes to being social (I’ve never been good at making friends), but enjoy spending time with work friends and especially family. I’m OBSESSED with FixerUpper and dream of a life like Chip and JoJo. OHH. And I’m getting married in 67 days (3.25.2017)! And I CANNOT wait (more on that later… a lot more)!

Anyways. Here’s to a year of blogging (try to do it at least once per week… or whenever I have a craft or recipe to show off because I can’t contain myself). Hoping it will be a better outlet for me than constantly being on facebook and social media (will NEVER give up my Pinterest though… you can’t make me!).

I’ll mainly be posting about my crafts (past and present)… maybe some tutorials (if I can remember to take step by step pics), my WeightWatchers journey (add me on WW Connect: jl1527), share some recipes I love (and add WW points if I remember), and some planner ideas.

Bless your heart if you just read all of that (told ya I’m an introvert with a lot going on upstairs). But here goes!


Weekly/Daily Posts: (no promises…. just a dream if I actually keep this thing up)

Sundays/Saturdays – none! It’s football and craft days (unless I want to catch up)

Mondays – More to Plan Monday (Planner updates)

Tuesdays – Totally Delicious Tuesdays (new recipes)

Wednesdays – Wine Not Wednesday (random posts… wine may be involved)

Thursdays – Weigh-in day for WeightWatchers (WW journey update)

Fridays – Craft Fanatic Friday (new crafts/diy posts)



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